Do you read my posts and want me to add you to my blog roll? If so leave me a comment with a link to your site and if I like what I see/read I’ll be more than happy to link to you. Or you can also drop me a line at

4 comments on “Psst!

  1. Ha, I found your blog over the random blog-search and was curious, so I clicked on the X-Entertainment link. I loved it:-), I spent an hour there. I’m a person who doesn’t even have a TV, so it’s a little bit like leaving the kid of vegans alone in a candy store. I have a total overdose. Same happened btw as my apartment got remodeled and I had to stay for a while in a hotel, and got addicted, I hate to say it, to E!, maybe I should start watching TV in small doses once in a while, then I wouldn’t have to take a Xanax now:-) Though I at least know that this site is better than E!. Right?

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my rants and I’m glad you enjoyed X-E. They’re a great bunch of people over there. And there’s nothing wrong with getting hooked on TV, even if it was E! 😉

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