8 comments on “The Great Slurpee Experiment (or “Kids don’t try this at home!”)

  1. haha lol, I can’t even drink Slurpies anymore, they make me sick in my tummy, sucks getting old! And I’m not even that old! DAMN

  2. I hate cherry Starbursts. Strawberry is a pink candy in this line, is it still such here?

    I’m also surprised that someone actually made Watermelon a red flavor, as it usually has a dark green complexion.

    Yes the strawberry is still pink-ish and so is the watermelon. One is just slightly darker than the other.

  3. The Mountain Dew I’m eager to try, just for SCIENCE! But then, I try so many things that I probably shouldn’t. Hopefully it’ll still be on sale by the time I get out there.

    I want Cherry and Strawberry Starbursts now.

    Just don’t say you weren’t warned!! XD You should ask Deej about the perils of Slurpee cravings!

  4. Yay, you’re back!

    I saw those Starbursts and almost bought them because my favorites were always the pink and the red, but I already have a ton of candy at home so I passed them up.

  5. Crap…I’m officially beaten to the punch. Wow, your slurpee outing resulted in a much more exciting product than what I ended up with, and I’m sure you didn’t have half the trouble getting it. Stay tuned though, for tonight over at my place, I shall share my slurpee adventure with the world!

  6. I haven’t had a slurpee in years. I don’t even think I’ve been in a 7-11 in years either.

    Well, I’ve decided to take a very long hiatus from my blog. I can barely keep up with reading and commenting on other blogs so, I really can’t even bother updating mine. Blah.

  7. How did I miss a new post???

    Supernova was my favorite too, it makes me sad that it didn’t “win.” I keep hoping to find one at one of the more “dusty” convenience stores, but no luck so far.

    I remember that everytime my parents would buy a big bag of Starburst, it would end up as a bowl of yellow and orange. I’ll have to look for those red ones!

    It was a ninja post!! Lol And honestly it’s about time they made all red flavors, no one really likes the orange and yellow flavors!

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