7 comments on “Things that really DO go bump in the night!

  1. I’ve senn all of these specials before. There is actually a movie out about Albert Fish that I’ve been wanting to get. You should also check out the bio on Richard Speck and the subsequent jail video where he became everybody’s “bitch”.

  2. DC I’ll have to check that one out!

    And yeah I’m with you Galileo I’ll take a man in a hockey mask over these guys any day!

  3. See, I’ll force an interest in the Jasons and the Freddies of the world but these real life monsters are the ones that I really have a fascination with.

    Ever watch Most Evil? Was a show on Discovery with this FBI profiler that documented all these guys, with just the right amount of creepy recreations, interviews, etc. They had eps on just about everybody, Gein, Gacy, BTK, David Parker Rey…creepy as hell!

  4. Squee you rock!!! I did see that special but couldn’t remember the name of it to save my life!! Yeah it was pretty creepy!

  5. i’m proud of you for starting with ed gein. when it comes to serial killers, wisconsin knows how to REPRESENT!

    ah, i’ll try not to get too excited and embarass myself for preferring real killers to the hollywood versions. i had a dahmer scrapbook once. it’s still somewhere around here. i could say more, but i dont want anyone to think i’m a freak.

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