13 comments on “On with the show! (Part one)

  1. I remember the TV show inspired ones. I guess they figured it was a way to get kids into those shows as well. Who knows. But, let’s face it, kids will watch just about anything. 😆

  2. Pole Position. Man, how I loved that show so much, and Roadie was so much better than Wheels. Wheels was like a friend to Tess, but in the ‘I like you…as a friend’ way, he was always “oh yeah, that’s no problem”, “oh, you are so right”, and stuff and you just knew that she’d prefer to be taken for a ride by Roadie while Wheels just plays an 8-track of “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”.

    As for Turbo Teen…highly secret government bases have their laboratories secured by wooden doors, despite being decked out in metal?

    Laverne & Shirly cartoon reminded me of Olive Oyl in the army. I hated that cartoon so much.

  3. Pole Position was indeed a great show! I don’t think I ever went as into detail about the relationship between Tess and Roadie but hey who am I to judge? 😉

    Turbo Teen? Just so, so bad.

    And you tipped my hand for part 2 Guise! You saw what happened to Deej when he stepped on my toes, it’d be a shame if something similar were to happen to you!! >: )

  4. Norb, one of the most fun games my brother and I played a while back was watching cartoons and deciding “cartoon based on toys or toys based on cartoon”. The worst part of 80s cartoons was the frequency of the duo “annoying kid who gets in to trouble and their exotic pet/robot” to be included in the roster, that and “show’s over, let’s just laugh until they fade out”.

  5. Hahaha, most 80s cartoons were really, really bad. That’s why I always kinda laugh to myself when people go on and on about how cartoons were so much better 20 years ago than they are today.

  6. Guise, The “Show’s Over, Laugh Til The Fade Out” element was in cartoons well before the 80’s. You should check out some old Looney Tunes sometimes 😉

    Hanna-Barberra especially was notorious for doing this. Terrible pun and/or no joke at all got a laugh to eat time.

  7. Ho my gurd – I spend HOURS on youtube looking up old cartoons. Granted, I got really into a lot of them when I was considerably older (along with roller skating and eating popsicles). So bad.

    And yet…so good.

  8. Nothing wrong with reliving your youth! Your only as old as you feel or something like that! I’m a lousy roller skater but I still love a good popsicle every now and then!

    Glad I could help VeRonda! And I’m a little jealous I miss my old Big Wheel!

  9. Norb, oh, I know it existed long before and well after, it just most of the memories always strike me of the 80s bunch of adults laughing as annoying kid and robot/animal sidekick stand in the foreground after doing something stupid, and it takes a minute until kid joins in.

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