10 comments on “The Ghouls come out to write!

  1. I was just reading this last night and I’m cooking up a few ideas. I don’t know when I’ll actually find the time to write it, but I hope to get it done shortly. And I agree, Guise is one of the best reads on the internet. There’s this other guy that calls himself some kind of professional slacker that isn’t half bad either.

  2. I read that on Guise’s blog yesterday, but I’m not so good with the ‘scary’ writing. I’m not so good with any writing, but…eh…at least I have some of you to come around and read my crap. 😆

  3. You should totally give it a shot DC! I bet you could pull it off if you tried! And you could go for the humor route if you want, you know we’ll read it if you write it!

  4. Dan, thanks for the plug, mate. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you have in store and what anyone else wants to do!

    DJ D, aww man, you’ll make me go all new shades of beetroot!

    DC, heh, I’m not really intending myself to go too far down the dark, scary route on the story, I’m just gonna have a play and see what comes out – I’m not sure I could really take it seriously if I tried!

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