6 comments on “Hey Mr. DJ…..you stole my thunder!!!

  1. Well, well, well…looks like somebody’s callin’ me out. Them there’s fightin’ words.

    No, it’s actually a smashing post. Loved the vids. That dog’s hilarious. I don’t know what DC’s trying to say to us with these wrappings. To hear her tell it, I abduct children and you’ve got some kind of fungus deal going on.

    I too have Batman Happy Meal. Oh yes…and there will be more to say about it over at my place.

    You want a fight? You got one! (*said in best Frank Castanza voice*)

    Serenity now!

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  3. Oh Dan, I’m blaming you for the McDonald’s I’m having for lunch. I was too lazy to pack one last night and was just gonna nuke something out the freezer but not any more.

    I’m gonna be real though…I’m going for the Madame Alexanders. I am shamed. I’m really not a doll gal but I love Oz and I got a whole bunch of them last time, how can I resist adding to the collection?

  4. Sorry for being the cause of temptation Squee! I hope you get the doll you want, just keep them away from me, those little boogers are creepy!!!

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