7 comments on “Lest we forget

  1. Seven years ago.
    Seven years ago our world changed.
    Seven years ago we lost a lot of good people.
    Seven years ago our world came to a halt.
    Seven years ago, my best mate and I sat on the deck of an apartment building, sharing tears.
    Seven years later I still miss all those people that I didn’t even know.
    Seven years later I’m STILL proud that I’m an AMERICAN.
    Seven years later I’m still honored to call Dan my friend.

    Never forget.

    (I probably could have squeezed another line with “Seven years” in there somewhere….)

  2. Thanks for stopping by FM. If it makes you feel any better I got a little misty eyed myself today. And your right, even now it’s still unthinkable.

  3. Good job, Dan. I thought about writing something about the occasion but realized that there’s not much I can say that isn’t being summed up so much better elsewhere. I think you summed it up for all us. As Americans we all had the same experience that day so I know what I’m feeling is being felt by everyone right now. I was in class when it happened. It was one of those weird days of the week where I had two French classes back to back. I think the first tower fell while I was in the first class, and by the time I got to the second one, word had spread. We turned the TV on and watched the second tower fall. My professor got very upset because she knew people in NY and cancelled class right then and there. Pretty much all the classes were cancelled and I came home and sat and watched TV with my roommate and a friend of his. The whole thing was surreal really. It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years already.

  4. So many things have changed since that day. It’s the same world, and yet so different.

    In September 2001, I was fresh out of high school. On the 11th, I woke up late at ten o’clock, and turned the TV on only to see nothing but smoke. My first thought was that a war had broken out. I guess in a way, it had.

    That day also marks kind of a turning point in my personal life as well. Not too long after, I moved in with my mom and life became a living hell for the next few years. But that’s a story for another place and time.

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