15 comments on “The Truth is out there!

  1. I thought the fashions I saw from international visitors at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) were scary enough…but those murals are just bizarre.

  2. There’s all kinds of weird stuff out at DIA, like I said if you Google DIA you get all kinds of conspiracy theories.

  3. Those are some pretty weird murals but the theory is a bit lost on me, is the Denver International Airport going to take over the world? Shouldn’t they have chosen something more universal than “Denver” if they were going to do that? Maybe they’re just going to take over Denver.

  4. Tell me about it Josh! You have to see it to believe it and even then your still not sure what the hell you just saw!

    And Amy, they seem like they may be neat but when you take into account the size and the fact that they’re jumping out of some unsuspecting person’s suitcase it seems a little creepy to me.

  5. When I make it to Colorado for our drive-in extravaganza I’m going to have to set aside an extra hour to try and solve the puzzle of that mural.

  6. If you figure it out please explain it to me. I’ve tried to figure it out several times and I keep coming up blank. Oh and I realized I forgot to mention the “art” in the train tunnels. You can’t walk to the different terminals you have to take a train and they have different sculptures and paintings down there too!

  7. Those gargoyles rocked, I just want someone to go through customs with a spring mounted latex gargoyle in their luggage so that it pops up when inspected.

    As for the swastika, I guess I can see it. I do however definately see a one-way system that looks like the male reproductive organs. Or a pair of childs safety scissors.

  8. It’s a pretty weird airport in general, you really have to see it to believe it.

    And Guise if anyone could do the gargoyle thing and not get thrown in jail for it, it would be you! And I don’t know that I want to know how you were looking at it when you saw the reproductive organ.

    FS, really?

  9. Buh, what do you mean…I can’t have been the only one to spot that. I mean, sure it’s not ‘standing proud’ but it’s still hanging out beneath it!

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