5 comments on “Shop Smart! Shop S-Mart! (Part 1)

  1. I have been waiting for this piece, and you did not dissapoint sir.
    But now I really want to reunite that kid with that Batman toy.

  2. I wanna believe he said to Batman “I’ll come back for you…”

    That was one powerful little line you got in there Dan. One that those who read it will not soon forget. Really sums up all that us nostalgia junkies feel about the “stuff” we use to connect to our memories of past good times. Very well done.

    Now let’s all have a group hug. Then we’ll find that kid and get him that Batman toy!!!

    I’m gonna go buy my kids something great.


  3. I only go to my WM in the morning before the full legion of crazies and bratty kids have a chance to get there!

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