15 comments on “Schoolhouse Rocked!

  1. Ah, yes…Conjunction Junction was one of my faves too. I think more so, like you said, because it was just so damn catchy! SHR was the best!

  2. Whaddaya mean Bugs Bunny wasn’t educational?
    I’ll have you know I learned a lot from Bugs Bunny, such as, no matter how many times you blow up a coyote it will keep coming back for your sheep/roadrunner,
    I can’t tell you how many times that lil’ tidbit has helped me out in my adult life.

    Goodnight Sam..

  3. Did you not also learn that no matter how high the fall you’ll survive it no matter what, even if a boulder/anvil/bus falls on top of you?

  4. Also, if someone points a gun at you, just twist the barrell back at them and they’ll shoot themselves.

  5. i’ve seen these aplenty, but i seriously dont remember ever seeing them when i was little. maybe i was just not paying attention.

    in sixth grade we learned the preamble to the constitution using the shr song, but at the time i didnt realize that’s where it came from. we also learned all the presidents to the tune of ten little indians.

    too this day i still know both. i wish i’d learned more things through songs.

  6. My given name is “Bill.” I was tormented with that “only a Bill” as a child. That and “Oh where have you been Billy Boy Billy Boy…”

    I still have nightmares about that one.


  7. Yeah I can see how that would be rough on you. Glad to see you around more though FM!

    That’s cool Amy! I’m sure the creators would be happy to know that someone used SHR as a learning tool! And I’m sure as a kid you probably just tuned them out, I know I used to go do other things when it was commercial time and thats usually when these were on.

  8. Despite the painful memories, I really looked forward to these spots as a kid. They should bring em back. Saturday morning sucks now.

    I got the DVD set for my kids (3 and 6). They love em. The closest you can get to this type of kids programming is on Noggin. That Moose A Moose is a card!!

  9. The Tale Of Mr. Morton is my favorite because I’m a sucker for romance, but a quick check on Wikipedia says it first aired in 1993. Seems impossible.

    Also, regarding Moose A. Moose since he was mentioned, that Moose sings better than most people can, for real.

  10. I guess I’m gonna have to hit up YouTube because I’m not familiar with Moose A Moose or the Tale of Mr. Morton!

    I’ve been considering picking up the DVD set of these myself. I don’t have kids (yet) but I’d love to have them for when I do!

  11. No one our generation should be familiar with Moose, unless you’ve got kids or nieces and nephews. Listen to the Are We There Yet song and try singing with it while hitting all the right notes. My non-moose like body can’t do it.

  12. I can definitely see how and why he appeals to kids! Personally I like his stance on candy corn!
    FM I see what you mean about the animation, it is kind of…surreal. I gotta admit though the button eyes are kinda creepy!

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