8 comments on “These are a few of my favorite things (Part II)

  1. I had that exact Starrior, with his crazy shield spinning action.
    I also had some of the wheeled warriors, but promptly lost about 89% of the parts.

  2. Yeah sadly the was the biggest drawback to a lot of these toys, it was easy to lose a lot of the parts! They were still a ton of fun though.

  3. My brother had the five lion Voltron. It was awesome! We played with it all the time. I think it got thrown away in a move when we were younger. We also used to have Soundwave with his cassette counterpart. Good times!

  4. Voltron was pretty cool. They just started releasing Go-Lion, one of the anime that Voltron was…adapted from. We bought the first part of it and I’m anxious to see how it was originally. The second Voltron is from an anime called Dairugger 13, so named because the mecha has 13 pilots. XD

  5. Thanks Annette! I didn’t know that!

    And Doho I think the reason I wanted him so bad was to complete the set mainly but I also thought the idea of three robots combining was kind of cool too.

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