10 comments on “I will drink your Milkshake!!

  1. I still think you need to move to Canada bud.
    At our restaurants they still have that little island thing where you can take as many ketchups(catsups?!?) napkins and straws as you want.
    did you hear me?

  2. Um…cost-saving measure? I dunno. That could be it. At Braum’s they have a big ol’ pump thing full of ketchup and you put it in tiny paper cups. Basically you can have as much ketchup as you want. It’s cool if you like the stuff, which I kinda don’t.

  3. I don’t really like ketchup with my fries so I never ask for it. I do remember one time with a friend we went to a fast food restaurant and when they asked “Do you want ketchup?” he said “Yeah give me 20” They looked at him like he was an idiot, but he made sure he got plenty of ketchup. I guess you have to be stearn and maybe kind of an ass.

  4. Yeah, I rarely use ketchup with my fast food fries. The greasy salty goodness is well enough.

    Shortages are kind of a weird beast. I remember, I believe it was last year, I could not find decaf tea to save my life. Looked every where and no one had the stuff. Regular tea yes, decaf no. I had to do a ton of research and finally I stumbled into some market information, some kind of renewal deal that was being stalled for some reason or another and once it went through, the stores started carrying it again.

    I don’t remember it being on the news or anything and it wasn’t something any one was really talking about but there was definitely a time period there for a while where decaf tea was gone.

  5. This is why I avoid places that only use the packets.

    McD’s? Wendy’s? White Castle? All dole out ketchup in pumps, so I eat there. But Checkers? Packets. No thanks, I’ll take this home. (Then again, it’s a Drive-thru place to begin with)

    What DO you people put on your fries if it’s not kethcup?

  6. Nothing, but it’s a fast food thing. Fries from my freezer, those get ketchup and of course, fries from the carnival get drowned in vinegar.

  7. I’m the same as doho. I never put ketchup on fast food fries or restaurant fries. But fries from the freezer definitely get ketchup.

  8. Ketchup in the packets is gross and watery most of the time anyway. It’s just easier to eat fast food fries with nothing, especially while you are driving. I hardly ever eat at the actual restaurant.

    Vinegar is the part of ketchup that I hate, so I can’t imagine it standing solo on my fries. Is that a regional thing?

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