7 comments on “Your Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

  1. Whoah whoah whoah, just what the hell is going on here?!
    I come home from my date and decide to check out some of the other comments to your last post and THERES ANOTHER NEW ONE?!
    Dan you magnificent bastard.

    I too like Jaws, and I would love to see a new Jaws movie, maybe if we get a zombie Roy Scheider we could start a whole new genre,

  2. Jaws is an awesome movie. Not just because of shark-ness, but the characters and script are awesome too. I need to own this movie. Not sure why I don’t.

  3. Zombie Roy? Hmm……no it wouldn’t work, he’d be eating more people than the shark would! But I knew when I heard the story about Great Whites off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard I had to do a Jaws post, it was Karma!

    DC you should definitely watch it again, it’s such a great movie. It’s like Annette said it’s not just the shark that makes it great it’s the characters and script too! It’s one of those movies that, if I find it on, I will watch it even though I’ve seen it countless times.

  4. I don’t own but will always sit down and watch Jaws whenever it’s on as well, and I’m physically incapable of stopping until at least past the USS Indianapolis monologue. I went swimming in the ocean yesterday…I spent the whole time looking for fins and hearing the score in my head.

    I’d like to submit “It’s too rough to feed ya!” as a second-place most quoted line ever.

  5. Great post, man! Jaws is still one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen. It makes swimming in a backyard pool a nerve-wracking experience. I believe A&E voted the opening sequence when the girl gets eaten when she’s swimming at night alone as the #1 scariest moment in movie history (out of 100). That scene still gives me the willies when I see it. The way she reacts and the way it’s just thrashing her about and she’s all breathing heavy and screaming “Oh God!” It’s like you’re watching a snuff film almost but you can’t look away. Genius stuff.

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