7 comments on “What goes through my head at Three O’clock in the morning

  1. I remember when I first saw these I thought they might be from a fast food restaurant or something. It’s an interesting route to take for a credit report commercial.

  2. Good to have you back buddy.
    I’ll tell you something cool about Canada, less retarded commercials.
    Although I wish we had a canuck version of Jim “THE HAMMER” Shapiro.

    I bet his name would be Kev “THE TOUQUE” Sharp.

    A Touque is a winter hat by the way,

    Did you know that the first winter hats were invented by early settlers who would put socks on their heads to kill the boredom?

    Ok ok I made that last one up, but Touque is a neat word huh?
    Ummm, I did originally have a point to this message… Oh yeah, Jim “THE HAMMER” Shapiro is my father.

  3. It’s even sadder to know that those guys don’t even speak english. I don’t remember where I read it, but all those songs are dubbed over.

    You know the 3rd ad was because the girl had the bad credit that time? That still doesn’t excuse the guy from his crappy credit. And why would he be better off single if he had “married his dream girl?” Shouldn’t you not care?

    At least he had a reason in the first ad of identity theft. I originally thought it was for Long John Silver’s.

  4. I did not know that! You really do learn something new every day!
    And yeah the third one bugged me for a long time because of that. What does credit have to do with finding the girl who makes you happy? It wasn’t till I stopped to think about it that I realized he was passing the buck.

  5. LOL complaining about these stupid commercials never gets old. I get the used subcompact song stuck in my head the most often, but “Married my dream girl” is the one that makes my blood boil the most. I hope she leaves his dumb broke ass.

    I didn’t know the songs were dubbed over though! That might actually explain why the songs are so stupid. I’ll have to watch carefully next time.

  6. These things went from mildly amusing (the first one) to just completely obnoxious (the most recent one). I actually literally put the TV on mute when they come on. I’m not kidding. I’m just so sick of the stupid songs, cause they’re on like every 5 minutes now. Dude! Seriously! Get a real job, lose the shitty 3 piece band, and stop blaming all your problems on your girl, who obviously is doing real work, like the laundry. If you ask me, she’s the best thing you’ve got going. Don’t screw it up. Get your shit together!

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