10 comments on “Closed (Temporarily) For Repairs

  1. My thought’s and prayers go out to you dan, I had been wondering how your mom was doing, I hope she recovers soon.

    I’m so sorry about Katie man, you know you don’t need to explain the pet love to me.

    Hang in there my friend, I’ll be around on IM later tonight.

  2. Gee, I’m really sorry to hear this. I hope that jerk gets what he deserves. I’ll definitely pray for your mom.

    And don’t feel bad about being sad over a pet’s death. I’ve lost many pets and have cried for hours every time.

    I hope things get straightened out soon.

  3. I want to beat this guy within in inch of his life also! I’m sorry Dan. I really know how hard this must be for you.

    As for the pets…heck I still cry for my first dog. He passed away 3 years ago today. I didn’t even go to work that day because I was too upset.

    I’m not online much and I don’t have IM, but am thinking of adding it soon. However, here’s a temp email I have: spidermanfan_2000@yahoo.com. Email me and I’ll get my IM info to you as soon as I get it set up.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

  4. Oh Dan that’s awful! I hope that kid realizes what a terrible thing he did. Hopefully while he’s cooling his heels in the pokey for a GOOD long time, while your mom has a successful recuperation. Please do hit me up on AIM if you ever need a chat, or just to let me know how your folks are doing. You will all definitely be in my thoughts.

    Don’t think your feelings about losing Katie are silly in the slightest. She’s been part of your family for 5 years, of course you’re bummed! I’ll be sure to raise a toast in her honor.

  5. Oh my God, man. I have no words. I am so sorry. Yo know, I am a pretty good shot with an M-16. I’m just saying. I hope all will be ok and at least they caught the low life. You are in my prayers pal.

  6. Aw, Dannyboy, Hang in there.
    You know we all understand how you feel- we all can emphathize.
    I felt the same way when I lost my Wicket- it’s going to be a year in August, and not a day goes by that i don’t think of my little soul-mate kitteh.

    As fer your mummy- tell her that a whole squadron of strangers are hoping her the best for recovery and will -despite our better judgement- wreck-tify that bastitch if need be.

  7. Thank you guys so much for the support and kind words, they’ve really meant a lot to me through all this. I’m working on a new post now and am hoping to get back in the swing of things here soon.

  8. wow, i hope your mom’s doing better…that is just nuts. and i offer my street justice services along with everyone else.

    and i am sorry about your little sweetie guinea pig too. i’ve had several, and they have a lot more going on upstairs than most people think. the only pet i’ve lost that i didn’t cry for was a fish.

  9. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, buddy. I really hope she gets a speedy recovery and, like you, it would take just about all I have to not track the shit down and beat him within an inch of his life. I feel ya.

    Add me to the list of folks sharing your pain with the pet thing too. My cat, Freddy, died a few years ago and I still think about him to this day. I had him for about 17 years and there will never be another one like him. I still miss him terribly. He was my best friend in a lot of ways.

    Hope things turn out alright.

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