12 comments on “Movie Review: The Happening

  1. Glad to help, movies this bad should just be left alone to die alone where they can’t hurt anyone else.

  2. I’m not a big fan of M. Night Shama-lama-ding dong. I think the Sixth Sense was the only one I liked. I remember going with a date to see Signs…we walked out of it after 30 minutes, it was just so bad. I’m going to skip this one!

  3. Thanks dan, I believe you have finally realized your true mission in life.
    To keep me from having to shell out ten bucks for terrible movies, I thank you.

    DC: I too saw Signs on a date.
    I too walked out.
    She stayed.

  4. Signs was good! In hindsight it’s little more than a glorified rip off of Night of the Living Dead but it’s still entertaining to watch! However The Village was such a disappointment that I’ve switched from being an M. Night fan to cheering his failures.

    “a bad movie that thinks it’s a good movie.”
    That’s M. Night’s problem, right there. He thinks everything he does is mindblowing and amazing but, in the words of Outkast, he needs to lean a little bit closer and see that his roses really smell like boo-boo.

  5. Man, I haven’t heard anyone say anything good about this movie. Sucks too cuz a friend from my old job worked as an extra in this movie. Oh well, my favorite is Unbreakable, unlike Sixth Sense, I can watch this movie over and over even though I know the ending

  6. The reason you haven’t is because it’s that bad! I can watch Unbreakable, it’s a different take on a super hero movie and I like Bruce Willis but man this one just sucked!

  7. So everyone I’ve seen has just been tearing this movie to pieces but I have a friend who really wants to see it because their a fan of M. Night and are REALLY hyped to see it. Maybe they will like it but from what I gather, it’s completely unlikable. I’ve been trying to subtly suggest it might not be that great but they’re having none of it. I also think if it ends up being as bad as it sounds, this person will be really angry for wasting their time and money.

  8. Doho stop them from going! If you value this person as a friend don’t let them waste their money on this movie! Talk them into going into something,anything else!

  9. My sister went to see this movie tonight, she hasn’t come back yet…I wonder what HAPPENED. HAHAHAHAHA I’m so clever

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