7 comments on “Obligatory Friday the 13th post

  1. (In Mr. Burns voice) Excellent! I was actually hoping someone would post more on F13. I was just being too lazy.

  2. I did a Friday the 13th post too. No, not just my “J” entry, one dealing with the day itself.

    It’s nowhere near as good as this one, and probably depressing.

  3. I don’t own any of these movies. I’m not a huge fan, 6 being the best one I’ve seen, but come on it’s the holidays, it’s the only Friday the 13th of the entire year and none of them are getting any air time.

  4. It’s ok Kristiane, you’ve got a kid so I’m sure it’s a challenge to find time to watch movies like F13. We forgive you. 😀

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