8 comments on “Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda

  1. I haven’t even heard of Kung fu panda besides what I’ve seen on a few blogs.
    I had no idea Jack Black was in it.
    I think I’m going to skip this one, but I’m looking forward to Wall-E

  2. I usually don’t go out of my way to see the Dreamworks/Pixar movies, but I’ll watch them on HBO or what have you. As a huge JB fan, when I first saw the teasers for “Jack Black in Kung Fu Panda” I admit it sounded like a truck full of awesome but still maybe not theater-worthy. I saw the trailer in theater when I went to see Indy and I was surprised by how well the audience was reacting to it. Then again you record Jables saying “skadoosh”, thats comedy gold right there no matter what you animate for it.

    That’s a long boring way of saying thanks for the review. If you’d have given it a 4 maybe I’d go for it, at 3 I’d rather see Indy again or wait for Wanted.

  3. I really wanted to give this one a better review but Dreamworks is still missing something in their animation that Pixar has. The Pixar characters are a lot more believeable than the stuff Dreamworks does. For what it’s worth though, JB does give a really good vocal performance in this one. He takes a character that could be mediocre and makes him very likeable.

  4. I was considering watching this as I tend to like the animated films. However, I’m horrible about going to movie theatres and more than likely won’t watch this until it’s out on DVD. But, thanks for the review. Helps to know what to expect.

  5. I’m not the biggest Jack Black fan, but this does look funny. It’s not the kind of thing I would rush out to a theatre to see, but I’ll probably catch it on DVD eventually.

    I am really looking forward to Wall-E though. That looks great.

  6. Yeah I’d say wait till DVD. Your not gonna miss anything by not seeing it on the big screen. Wall-E is one I will definitely go out of my way to see, Pixar is the undisputed king of computer animation to me.

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