7 comments on “Pictures of you…pictures of meme???

  1. This seems like one of those Meme’s that would be really fun to do, so I’m gonna.

    My dream vacation is also Tokyo, and I too am a Geek.

    and because I have to: “She’s my cherry pie..”

  2. Yeah there were alot of the weird finger family ones. Not for me, thanks. And what’s funny Josh, if you leave your mouse over the cherry pie picture, that’s the caption I put too!!

  3. Excellent choice of drink, Dan!

    Goddamn, Natalie Portman is gorgeous. I’m sorry, it’s just when she rocks that femme fatale look…jeepers. I like the ducky family, it reminds me of The Sopranos.

  4. Thanks Squee! And yeah Natalie Portman is an amazing woman, this picture was just too good to pass up.

  5. Natalie Portman is one of the most gorgeous things to ever grace this planet. I would say that I’m hopelessly in love with her, but she unfortunately will always be my Number 2 girl. Number !? That would be the perfection that is Christina Ricci.

    Great idea for a post! Can’t wait to try this one myself. Good choice on the ducks.

  6. Yeah Natalie is my secret love bunny. She’s come a long way since Leon: The Professional that’s for sure! Can’t wait to see your results when you get around to doing this one.

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