12 comments on “Things that start with M

  1. Oh yeah, I like to speed run Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X. I was for a time training for taking the world record for Mega Man X but life got in the way.

  2. I have a few experiences with the “when my game is over” fight, Don’t ever turn off my game, I turn into an animal!
    I got a Wii a month ago and I still havent picked up Mario Kart, or Brawl, or any of the big games everyones talking about,,whats wrong with me.
    Manbearpig is real! I once saw him shopping at target, Im Super Cereal!!

  3. I love Meerkat Manor. I actually got to go to a wildlife preserve where they have meerkats and got to feed and play with them. They are awesome. I posted about it on my blog and even put a picture of one of them up.

  4. I saw ManBearPig just a few minutes ago when I went to 7-11 to but my new Dew flavors (review coming soon). He lives in Colorado you know, just ask Al Gore! I’m so cereal right now!

  5. I love Meerkat Manor so much. Flower was my home girl. I really want to check out that place DC blogged about, it sounds amazing.

    I was indeed the one that posted the MST3K moocher page 🙂 In contrast to that illicitness, here’s where you can watch every South Park ep for free on the official site: http://www.southparkstudios.com/search/?search=Imaginationland

    For some reason I never caught the ManBearPig or Imaginationland episodes. I did love the black and white version of The Mist even more than I did the color.

  6. Hmm I don’t know if my comment got eaten or maybe just spam blocked. But I wanted to say you can watch every episode on southparkstudios dot com, all for freezie.

  7. I am so with you on the MST3K and SNES Mario Kart love.

    MST3K wasn’t shown much here, we got it every so often at lunch time on a Sunday on Sci-Fi before a marathon of Twilight Zone, but they kicked it to the curb. I was always fond of the “Jack Frost” (If only for Crow hot-gluing fur to his body – “Hi, oh yeah, I’m a bear…” – and Tom Servo in peasant girl dress) and “Agent of HARM” (“Watch me open the HELL outta this door”).

    Have only ever played Mario Kart on the SNES, I kept getting owned on it too, but it’s so very fun that I don’t mind! It was always a toss up between playing F-Zero and Mario Kart when I went to play with a friend, I’d lose at both, but it’s much more enjoyable being handed your ass in a go-kart.

  8. MaKa? Oh, now you’re speaking my language!
    ^^ If you’ve never seen the Mario Kart DS japanese commercial, please do so now. Its probably the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. XD
    I’ve played pretty much every Mario Kart, and I have to say that the DS version is my hands down favorite. Mostly because its portable, all my friends have it, and I love screaming at it. ^^ Yes.

    MST3K….man. I used to watch that when I was in middle school. Those were the freakin’ days.

  9. Guise Jack Frost is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen but when you add MST3K it makes it so much more entertaining! I should watch that one again online! And as for getting owned at Kart, I’m right there with you, but I love the game so I keep at it.

    And Dio I guess I’m gonna have to look up that commercial because I can’t say that I’ve seen it. And if your reading this post your MaKa code on Guise’s nifty new BB! We got some racing to do!

  10. Ok, I got a confession to make–actually a couple.

    I’ve never really thought MST3K was funny. Granted, I’ve never watched it that much, but they’ve only said one thing that I actually laughed at, and it was a Benny Hill reference. Other than that, it just never did anything for me. The thing is, I actually like that kind of humor. I like making fun of bad movies, but I just never thought the way they did it was funny.

    Also, I don’t think most of The Kids in the Hall was ever funny. I’ve always thought The State or Exit 57 were a lot funnier–even SNL. But The Kids in the Hall never did it for me.

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