15 comments on “Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

  1. I was really Iffy about Indy 4.
    For some odd reason I was thinking if I didnt like it I’d suddenly stop liking the first 3.
    Yup, I have issues.
    But I think I may see this and Iron man tonight then come home and watch Diary Of The Dead, then maybe pass out from Awesome Overload.

  2. Let me know what you think of Iron Man and Diary, I thought they were both really good. Indy 4 is defintely different from the first 3 but I still enjoyed it, I’m just glad Spielberg didn’t listen to Lucas and fim the whole thing digitally.

  3. I blame Lucas for everything..Im comin’ for you George..

    So I didnt go see either one tonight as I was too busy(lazy) to drive to the theater.
    But I liked Diary Alot, so much more emotional depth than Land of the dead.
    A zombie movie with emotional depth, now I’ve seen everything.
    Also, I loved the short Cameo of Romero as the police chief.

  4. I can’t believe I missed Romero’s cameo! I guess I have to hand over my George Romero Fan club card now.

  5. It was really short, He was the police chief that was doing a press conference saying that the first zombies werent dead before his men shot them, I guess debunking the zombie theory at the time.
    You only get to see him for a couple of seconds when one of the camera’s is panned over the tv screen.

  6. I’m still not sure if I want to see this. I’ll probably wait longer, after all my expectations aren’t too high.

    On a side note: I was listening to a pretty funny debate on the radio on who would win in a fight, Hans Solo or Indiana Jones (when they were both in their prime). 🙂

  7. If your a fan of the first 3 films I’d say at least catch a matinee showing. It’s got a lot of really cool chase scenes and the humor is still there. No it’s not a perfect movie but it is a good put your brain on hold movie.

  8. I wasn’t really a fan per se of the first 3. I watched them a long time ago and barely remember them. I guess I have to catch up on those before giving this one a shot.

  9. Indy overload!! I’ve been debating on whether or not to watch the original trilogy again myself, but instead of watching them in order putting them in time order instead. And out of curiosity…who won the fight between Han and Indy?

  10. They decided that Indy would win because he’s smarter and Hans is just a space pirate. They took phone calls from listeners and that was what the majority voted.

  11. Yeah but Han has lasers and Chewbacca on his side!! I don’t suppose it matters, either way is fine with me.

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  13. My main complaint was that there was just too much CGI. So much of what you saw in this new movie could have been done 20 years ago with practical effects and would have looked a lot better. Once again, I blame George Lucas for taking a concept that was just fine 20 years ago and monkying around with it so much that it’s a little ruined. Yeah, there were some major bullcrap moments in the movie that were so unbelievable you had to just keep reminding yourself you were watching an Indy movie, but overall I enjoyed it…even though I had to deal with Shia Laboeuf. God, I hate him.

    So much.

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