10 comments on “The World is Awesome

  1. I love the Discovery Channel! That and National Geographic are the best! I don’t have cable at the time, but will have again soon. I wish there was a way to only get the channel’s you want.

  2. That is a great commercial. XD Jamie and Adam rock.

    My current fav commercial is the Dairy Queen one where a little girl and her mom get a sundae, but only order one, because the boy the girl was eyeing in the first part for the commercial bought her one. The best part?
    Girl (smug look on face as she eats ice cream): It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
    Mom: o_O
    That girl is gonna grow up to be a great drink wrangler when she starts hitting up the clubs.

  3. DC I’m with you, there are quite a few channels I have on just basic cable that I don’t watch, to be able to swap them out with something that I’d actually enjoy watching would be awesome.

    Dio that girl is gonna grow up to be something when she gets older! 😉

  4. Okay, I was lagging on commenting because even though I was pretty sure which commercial it was I wanted to watch to make sure…it’s good that I did because there are apparently different variations. I know because I was going to say my very favorite part is where Bear sings “I love the whole world” all sweetly to a bug, but in this one he says “I love arachnids”.

    I have a DVR so I timeshift and skip commercials the majority of the time, but I’ll rewatch an awesome commercial like this a bunch of times. This and the Meat Loaf/Tiffany at&t commercial are my favorites right now.

  5. Yeah the Meatloaf one is pretty good too. I can’t remember who it was that pointed it out but I had no idea that was Tiffany until they did. And I thought there were different versions of this commercial out there but I wasn’t sure.

  6. I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL. I make sure NOT tow rewind when it comes on. The long version has the old antropologist brushing the mummy off and she says “i love egyptian kings” and she’s even saying it quietly so she doesn;’t disturb the sleep ing pharoah.
    Just alltogether, a very hearywarming commercial that makes me second guess my stance on Humanity and the upcoming Zombie wars.

    Or… yeah.

  7. I have to say this is the only one I will stop flipping channels to watch, most other commercials just annoy me.

  8. I like the Stephen Hawking part. He’s awesome.

    As for the little girl in the ice cream commercial, my first thought the first time I saw it was, “that little slut!”

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