8 comments on “These are a few of my favorite things……(Part 1)

  1. Would I be wrong in guessing Stan Lee?

    Is Combat available on the Flashback? I got one a few Christmas’s ago, and I’m still hooked on Haunted House. XD Only problem is that the Flashback is like half the size of a real Atari. Someone musta shrunk it.

    Childhood toys for me were the sticks and stones outside and any gaming machine that worked. If I wasn’t climbing trees, I was tag-teaming Mario 3 on the NES. My childhood was digital. XD I loved Legos; my dad and I once built a castle together. Shame we had to chuck it (dunno why), but I make up for it in owning 2 Playmobile Advent Calendars and Lego’s calendar.

    Oh…I remember owning a toy Scepter for Sailor Moon and the compact too. It was so freakin big and plastic-y. ^^ Good times, good times.

  2. Ah Dio you got it in one! I have yet to see Combat listed on one of the Flashbacks but if I do I’ll be sure to pick it up, I love that game.

    And I spent many an hour outside with my trusty stick sword fighting foes both imaginary and real. And I must admit I spent many an hour playing Super Mario Bros. as well. As for Legos, I didn’t get my first “official” set till I was recovering from my cancer surgery and would love to have a castle.

  3. The Indy sets are pretty neat for Lego sets. Unfortunately, there are no Nazis (officially). That makes me cry. T_T

    I think my appeal to cosplay and cosplay skits stems from my early childhood of play acting. I’m glad I still do it. ^^ Fortunately, I can now combine my love for games and my love for costumes in a neat package.

  4. I guess it’s not “politically correct” to include Nazi’s in a childrens toy nowadays. Children might get the idea in their head to start the Fourth Reich or something.

    I gotta admit I admire your bravery, to be able to dress up in character and not give a damn about other people. I’d try it but finding large size costumes is a challenge and I can’t sew to save my life.

  5. Yes! MASK! I still have, in great condition, in the original boxes and everything, the Thunder Hawk (on the far right of your picture there), as well as 2 others that aren’t pictured there. One is a dune buggy kind of thing that pops out wings and drops missles, and the other was a van that opens up into like a battle station kind of thing.

    I also have a knock-off of the Shogun Warriors that shoots his fist really far. Atari was great and I still can’t do much with Pitfall. The crocodiles still piss me off. I loved Missle Command, Yars Revenge, Berserk, and the daddy of them all, Breakout. That was the shit!

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    • That’s strange! The primary color is pretty dark, is it so dark that you can’t make out the text or is it just dark? Does that make sense? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do to correct it. Thanks for the heads up!

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