9 comments on “The Best (and Worst) of Comic Book Movies

  1. Great post sir, I especially agree with the ‘bad’ listings. Joel Schumacer has proven himself capable of making the odd good movie here are there, but what he was doing with his two versions I’ll never know. As for X3? Well, it’s reason alone why Brett Ratner shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near someone else’s (Bryan Singer’s) work – what a pile of piss.

    I am actually quite a fan of Batman Returns. Sure, it;s not great, but I always find it an ejoyable watch.

    As for my personal worst? Blade Trinity or any of The Crow sequels.

  2. Yeah I was gonna get into the Crow movies but this article would have been a lot longer. The first one was pretty good but after that….well let’s just remember the first one and make it easy for ourselves.

  3. I liked Spiderman 3, more than 2 but I didn’t like 2 half as much as anyone else did. X-men 2 was the perfect sequel, one that surpasses everything the original did. Last time I watched 1989 Batman, I kind of came to the conclusion that it really wasn’t that much different from the 60s Batman. It’s still a movie drowning in pop culture and Hollywood’s hip. I’d take 60s Batman over it anyday, I love the mid 60s a lot more than I love the the late 80s. Plus I just hate Burton and anything that’s not Peewee’s big adventure. Batman Begins doesn’t even need to be qualified as a comic book movie, it’s just flat out a work of film. Haven’t seen Hellboy, have barely read him. Like what I’ve read, probably won’t pursue to read more though.

    My big problem with X-men 3, besides failing to live up to 2, is the plot was so wimpy. Nothing, absolutely nothing, happened in 3 that wasn’t reversed at the end or couldn’t be reversed 2 minutes into 4. I’ve always hated Batman Returns and when I first saw it, I was at a point in my life where Batman could do no wrong. Too Burton. I actually like Returns better but I hate Jim Carey for Ave Venturaing my favorite Batman villian of all time. I kind of liked Daredevil and I kind of didn’t but my movie ticket came free with my purchase of X-men 1.5. I’d like to see the director’s cut DVD.

  4. I still havent seen Spiderman 3 but i would like to check it out as I enjoyed one and too, so I wouldn’t mind a bit of follow up.
    And I agree with doho about X-2, thats one hell of a sequel !
    what about The Crow television series?

  5. You know Josh I don’t know that I’ve seen the Crow tv series. I liked the first movie but the ones after that not so much.

  6. Ok, where to start…

    First off, Tim Burton’s first Batman is my all-time favorite movie, ever, ever. It cemented Micheal Keaton as being my all-time favorite actor and I can quote just about every word of it. That’s all I got to say about that. Batman Returns had some great stuff about it and I was pretty jazzed when it came out. I still love it, but am not that big a fan of Danny DeVito’s Penguin, for all the reasons Dan listed. For my money, no one will ever top Burgess Meredith. It did have some great imagery though and as long as Burton and Keaton are making a Batman movie, I’m there. As for Batman Forever and Batman and Robin…Ahem, well, let’s just move on…

    Being a huge Batman geek and loving near anything to do with him, I was really jazzed about Batman Begins. Christian Bale is no Micheal Keaton but he got the job done just fine. I remember being in the theatre and turning to my cousin half way in to the movie after a particularly good scene and saying something like, “Ok, the movie could end right now and it would be worth the money.” After Schumacker pissed all over the franchise, it was a total breath of fresh air.

    The Dark Knight–When the first picture of Heath Ledger as Joker was released on the net, I was actually pretty pissed. I couldn’t believe this pretty boy idiot was going to walk around in a Batman movie actually trying to play the Joker, not with bleached white skin and permanent grin, but just with a sloppy makeup job, a little scarring, and badly dyed hair. But, after having seen all three trailers over the last year, I think he might actually rival Nicholson’s Joker. Not since the first Batman have I been this excited about a movie. I have been completely proven wrong, just from the trailers alone, so yeah, I’m pretty jazzed about this summer. Plus, I just saw the leaked picture of Two Face from the movie, and it looks amazing.

    Loved the first 2 X-Men movies, especially the first one, but had a LOT of problems with the 3rd one. On the plus side, we did FINALLY get to see a couple of things I’ve always wanted to see in an X-Men movie–namely a Sentinel (although it was kind of a tease), and Iceman “Icing up”. I still wanted to see him do his sort of ice-surfing thing and was kind of disappointed he didn’t. He’s always been one of my favorite X-Men for some reason, but has always been kind of underrated and ignored. Also, was kind of bummed we didn’t really get to see The Danger Room. And for crying out loud! What was with that half-assed weak attempt at the Dark Pheonix saga? Come on! That so should have been its own movie. Plus, waaay too many people died for no reason it all. And yeah, Angel was a big disappointment. He had what, like 2 scenes in the whole movie? Plus, Rogue was practially non-existant. Yeah, there was a lot of potential, but it was really wasted on a sub-par movie. Hopefully the Wolverine and Magneto movies will be better.

    Spider-Man 3–Way too much going on. Venom should have totally gotten his own movie. Sandman was just unnecessary and I didn’t care for the ending. Otherwise, pretty good. I’m hoping for The Lizard in the next one, though. I’d really like to see that.

    Daredevil/Elektra–I HATED Dardevil. I won’t even go into it cause I think Dan summed it up perfectly. I actually found some redeemable stuff about Elektra. I expect everyone to disagree with me, but taking it as kind of a B-Movie, I kind of enjoyed it. Maybe it’s because I just never got into the Daredevil and Elektra comics, so I didn’t go into it with any expectations. On its own, I thought it was a fun little, crappy-good movie. Maybe I just really like Jennifer Garner. Can’t explain it.

    Iron Man was AMAZING. I did have one complaint about it which I won’t mention here in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet cause I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think most people will see it coming a mile away anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Actually, the fact that the “twist” is so easy to see coming, is exactly my complaint. But, aside from that, I loved it. Robert Downy Jr. can do no wrong.

    The Crow and its sequels.–First one, brilliant. Anything after that, well, like Dan said, we’ve still got the first one. I actually met James O’Barr at a comic book convention. I heard he was kind of a jerk but ignored that cause I would rather just form my own opinion, but it turned out he was every bit the jerk everyone made him out to be. I actually met him twice over the course of 2 years and he was kind of an asshole both times. Maybe he’s different these days, but yeah, that was kind of a shame.

    Honorable Mentions: GOOD–Perdition, Sin City

    Disonorable Mention: BAD–Catwoman–Two hours of my life I’ll never get back. I actually literally almost walked out of the theater. Not since Batman and Robin have I wanted my money back so badly.

    dohopoki: Plus I just hate Burton and anything that’s not Peewee’s big adventure.

    I’m just going to pretend I didn’t just read that.

  7. DJ D I know what you mean about comic writers being jerks, a few years back I met Chris Claremont, writer of a lot of the X-books. He was a total tool! The only good thing to come of it is I got my Wolverine #1 and the issue of X-Men with the first appearance of Gambit signed.

    I totally forgot about Catwoman! I didn’t see that one in the theaters but did catch some of it on cable one night. Wow, that one….well I’ll try to actually make it thru it all the way before I give a formal opinion but as of right now it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be a good review.

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