One comment on “What’s up with that?

  1. I think the ambiguous ending worked well for Cloverfield because it’s really the only satisfying way to end the movie. If they’d blatantly shown either a safe escape happy ending or total tragedy, it would likely have had people complaining. The actual only part of Cloverfield that to me seemed out of place was the landing in Central Park and the sudden sneak entrance of the monster, I’d actually have preferred that to be missing. Just didn’t gel with me.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the original version of The Italian Job, but that has one of my favourite ambiguous endings ever, and it’s the most fitting way to end the movie.

    The use of an ambiguous ending shouldn’t be just because you can’t think of a suitable one though, it’s got to be fitting to the story.

    As for movie lengths, I half agree on this one as I think it’s more a case that as long as I’m satisfied with what I’ve seen, then the length is irrelevent. If the story flows well, isn’t too rushed, doesn’t have many plotholes and doesn’t leave me hanging then it can be around the hour mark. I’d prefer an hour and a half of entertainment, but I’d rather have an hour of good solid entertainment that a drawn out movie that could just have been a tv show.

    Personally, I’m getting tired of parody movies. I used to love them, but the recent stuff tends to be tired material and formulaic. I liked Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie, but since then there’s been nothing much to them. Oh, and American Pie needs to stop, in fact it needs to invent a time machine, travel back and stop earlier instead of just feeding off the franchise.

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