3 comments on “A long,long time ago in a backyard not so far away

  1. “…I miss the days when toys were played with, not bought and put on a shelf to (maybe) increase in value.”

    Sadly that covers just about everything you can buy or own nowadays.

    It’s only advantage to people like us is that we can enjoy the indulgence of nostalgia more easily because there are more people out there with brand new items from our past willing to part with them for a price.

    Sealed games, mint comics, action figures in plastic you name it. Brand new and waiting for someone to buy them and share them with their kids or stack them on a shelf or a workspace without the bulky plastic, but brand new and untouched by anyone but ourselves.

    Just don’t tell the collectors you’ll open the packages, they’ll have a heart attack. 😛

  2. I always wondered what happened to the toys after the fads died or when the next season or wave came out and they replaced figures. See, if they just had a toy stockpile and never stopped making them, these ‘rare and valuable’ collectibles would never have started.

    I’d love to be able to get my hands on some of the old toys I had, and some I didn’t. I’d love to finally make the Cobra army of my childhood dreams, not for collectors value but because toys kick ass. Hell, if I got a toy now, I’d wait about four seconds until I ripped the box apart to get at it!

  3. I really wished I kept these kitty toys that were blatant rip offs of My Little Ponies. You know, plastic bodies, w/ “real” brushable hair? I never found out what they were called though….

    And while I’m on the subject: Holy Cow I’m as old as My Little Ponies and Care Bears. Wow. And I think I’m as old as the NES. I miss those days. XD

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