2 comments on “Old School Vs. New School

  1. Hey Dan!

    I’m so with you on the remake issues, and I think that there can be a strong difference between remake and reimagining.

    A prime example of a reimagining is Batman Begins, which keeps alive traditions set forward by Burton for the general level of gritty but changes it to a slightly different setting and background.

    As far as remakes, I’m quite satisfied with King Kong, in that I’ve seen much worse remakes and it was quite compelling to watch. If anything, this was quite faithful to the spirit of the original and didn’t detract much.

    POTA’s remake was, to be frank, a huge disappointment and I feel a low point of Burton’s career. It actually would have been better as a almost literal remake, without the few ‘reimagined’ aspects. The same could also be said for Godzilla, which just felt like it was missing something in its delivery.

    For very bad ideas at remakes/reimaginations, I present The Italian Job (just, no), The Wicker Man (lost the impact) and Village of the Damned (the children are meant to be creepy).

    I haven’t seen the remakes of Dawn or Day yet, but the changes you’ve mentioned are very frustrating to hear. The virus change is annoying, it worked well in Resident Evil, but there’s a certain element of Romero’s that made it a cult classic, and you can’t screw with those rules. Damn the vegetarianism after death, that’s just silly.

    Movies can be remade or reimagined, but the main key is being faithful to the works you are taking the mantle from.

  2. Once again Dan another fine article!

    I know exactly what you mean by the POTA comparison. I sort of feel the same way about the new Star Trek movie being made as well as the new Battlestar Galactica to some extent.

    I think the defining difference is the change from using the strength of character and actor ability to carry the story, to one’s budget and usage of explosion and effect.

    In that way I can appreciate Shaun of the Dead as a remake and tribute to the classic more than the new Dawn of the Dead.

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